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SOAR Internship

NMC’s SOAR internship program is an experience that will challenge, grow, and stretch your mind, open your heart,  develop your leadership, and expand your ministry resume. Areas of ministry include children, students, adult and worship ministries. No matter your involvement, you can be sure that your internship and training will intentionally accomplish our goal of providing both practical ministry experiences and personal opportunities and moments to deepen your intimacy with Christ. This is done through on-the-job training, mentoring, and discipleship, among other formative experiences.

SOAR Fast Facts

If you have any questions about NMC’s SOAR Intern, please contact Terry Bley at or (574) 773-7773.


May 16- August 2, 2020


NMC covers housing, meals and ministry expenses. Each intern will also receive a weekly stipend.

Application Deadline:

January 31, 2020

Ministry Areas:

Children, Students, Adults, and Worship

A Glimpse into the job

Children's Ministry

Infants - 5th Grade
  • Relationship building with families and children
  • Teaching and communicating to varying age groups and audience sizes
  • Office/Administrative Details
  • Midweek and Sunday Programming
  • Leadership roles in our summer camps and other events
  • Exposure to leading kids in worship
  • Hands on experience with curriculum

Student Ministries

6th Grade - 12th Grade
  • Focused ministry in one specific age group (Middle School, High School, or College Age/Young Adult)
  • General ministry opportunities in all age groups
  • Relationship building/discipleship to students (one-on-one, small groups, and large groups
  • Midweek and Sunday programming)
  • Up-front communication
  • Office/Administration work
  • Coordinating, leading and communicating to volunteers
  • Leadership roles on summer trips/camps
  • Education and promotion to parents

Adult Ministries

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  • Family Life Ministry – marriage, parenting, and counseling
  • Adult Education – observation of teaching formats and styles as well as opportunities to lead and teach groups
  • Care Ministry – everything from hospital coverage to visitor follow-up
  • Community Life – small group/small church ministry
  • Exposure to multi-site ministry

Worship Ministry

  • Assisting in the programming and planning of weekly worship services
  • Leading worship for diverse audiences (youth, young adults and adults) and sizes of audiences (from 50-2,000)
  • Leading worship for youth summer trips
  • Working with and leading varied teams of musicians and vocalists
  • Leading and developing volunteers
  • Teamwork and staff communications
  • Exposure to ministry in a larger context
  • Administrative work
  • Developing an intermediate understanding of professional audio and media systems

"SOAR taught me about myself and the plans the Lord has for me. This has helped me use my strengths to glorify God and weaken Satan’s influence in my life as the Lord has helped me improve on my weaknesses."

- Tanner White

"I came out of SOAR with a clearer idea of who I am in Christ, who He has made me to be and the passions He has put inside of me. Over the summer, I became a more disciplined person and am walking closer to the Lord because of these disciplines."

- Mikayla Bley

SOAR Ministry Stories

Jeff Kautz

SOAR Class of 1997
Currently serving at in the Health Care profession.

Heather Ryder

SOAR Class of 2000
Founder of Because Everything Matters.

Jen Miller

SOAR Class of 2016
Currently serving at Nappanee Missionary Church as a director of the K-3rd Grade department. 

Caleb & Jessica Bislow

SOAR Class of 1998 & 2000
Founders of Unusual Soldiers
If you have any questions about NMC’s SOAR Intern, please contact Terry Bley at or (574) 773-7773.