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Preteens (4th - 5th Grade)

Department Leader

Mikayla Bley

4th - 5th Grade Coordinator


Running alongside.

Preteens; they’re no longer children but not yet teenagers. So what are they? In Preteen Ministry, we think they’re crazy! Crazy fun. Crazy creative. Crazy unique. Crazy funny! This is why we love them and why we have set apart an entire ministry just for them. Preteens are more than ready to take the training wheels off and ride the bike of faith all on their own, but they’re not mature enough quite yet. That’s where we come in. 
Preteen Ministry’s amazing small group leaders and teachers take time each week to come alongside of your student and show them how to stay on the right path, how to live without the training wheels. We intentionally use games and small groups to build relationships that open doors for honest and challenging conversations about life and faith.

Current Teaching

We desire for preteens to grow in their Biblical knowledge and ownership of their faith in Jesus. Jesus came for children, loves and values them, and has a plan for their future. We want each preteen to experience the joy of knowing Jesus and the comfort of knowing He hears and loves them.

Camp season

This summer is packed with fun games and experiential lessons that all ages will enjoy! Come join the fun as we praise God with high energy worship and learn about the truth of God’s Word. It’ll be a time like no other. You won’t want to miss it!

Sunday Mornings

2ND HOUR (9:30-10:30 AM)
Large Group/Small Group Class
If your preteen is a social butterfly and loves to meet new people, then this is the class time for them! We begin class with large group teaching all together before breaking out into our small groups. Each preteen has a designated small group where they get to know their peers at a deeper level.

Sunday Summers

During the summer, we intentionally use the twelve weeks to prepare the 5th graders to enter Middle School Ministry in the fall. Instead of breaking out into small groups, the whole preteen class sits together at tables in the main room to hear and engage with the main lesson. In the midst of the lesson, students and leaders have time at their tables to discuss at a deeper level what’s being taught.

Wednesday Nights

6:45-8:00 PM (DOORS OPEN AT 6:35 PM)

Wednesday night is the messier, louder version of Sunday morning. Preteens still worship together, learn together, and go to small groups together. We just do everything a little bit louder, a little bit crazier, and little bit messier. Your preteen will fit right in with their peers in this fun, laid-back class.
7-8:00 (K-3 Zone)

During the summer, preteens join with the younger classes for an interactive lesson and small group time led by the Kid Min SOAR students.

Trying to Make life a bit Easier?

Want your preteen to be able to meet you right after class without having to come upstairs and check them out? By signing and turning in the “RF” form, your child will have this privilege. Simply print out the “RF” form or pick up a copy in the Preteen Room and return it to the Preteen Director or at the Ministry Center.

*NOTE: All preteens must read and sign the back of the form themselves in order for the “RF” to be valid.

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