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Special Needs Buddy

The purpose of this ministry is to meet the needs of special needs children as they go through regular programming and create a loving environment to teach and show them God’s love.    
What are the basic responsibilities?  
• Provide a regular presence for your assigned child  
• Help the children transition between activities  
• Play with and attend to the children in an individual manner rather than in regular programming as needed    
• Help kids with special needs to engage on their level in activities, worship, and story time    
Serving Times:  
• Sunday 9:15-10:30 AM (second hour), every other month (full month)
• Sunday 10:45-12:00 AM (third hour), every other month (full month)    
• Or Wednesday 6:30-8 PM, weekly    
• Must complete a background check  
• Must be 18 or older    
Additional Notes:  Experience with special needs children is helpful    
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