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Student Ministry Resources

High School Student Devotionals

Book of Hebrews

A 3-Week Devotional

Book of Mark

A 30-Day Devotional

Read. Journal. Pray.

The Sermon on the Mount

Previous Camp Devotional Booklets


A 5-Day Devotional

Middle School Student Devotionals

Spiritual Ruts

Ten principles to help you grow again

How To Grow

A Guide to Spiritual Growth Through the Sermon on the Mount

Shine Devotional

A 10 Day Devotional with Daily Challenges


A 4-Week Devotional for Students

Topics on Mental Health

Awareness and Information for parents & youth workers. We explore the concerns and challenges we hear about most from parents and provide expert guidance on how to respond in the most effective way.
Talking about mental health with students and parents.  Get tips for starting the conversation about mental health with students.
Depression, anxiety and suicide awareness.  Alive to Thrive is a biblical guide to preventing teen suicide. Anyone who interacts with teens can learn how to help prevent suicidal thinking through sound practical and clinical advice, and more importantly, biblical principles.

Fighting Pornography

This is a faith based organization and if you go to their blog, you’ll see some excellent articles in there.  The founder of it is Jason Soucinek and he came and spoke last year and did a parent event for us.  Valuable stuff here.
CPYU is a faith based organization. Walt Mueller leads this one and he sends out emails you can sign up for that give great tools for parents, educators, youth leaders.
This one is not faith based which is actually kind of cool.  You see secular people speaking to the dangers of porn.