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NMC Worship Times & Locations

All Services Located At: 70417 SR 19 North, Nappanee, IN, 46550 (Get Directions)

  • Worship Center

    8:00, 9:30, 10:45

    Services in the Worship Center featuring light, contemporary worship music with live teaching.

  • Connection

    9:15 & 10:45

    Video teaching with progressive worship music in the Gym.


Another study on PRAYER? I know what you’re thinking. “Is it time for me to feel guilty again over my prayerlessness?” - “What would it take for me to go to the next level in my prayer life?” - “How can I go from passionless prayer to anointed, Spirit-led prayer?” - “Who can show me, literally model for me, what passionate prayer is like?” - “Why is there amazing power when others agree in prayer?” - “Do I have to pray out loud in front of others to move my prayer life to the next level?” - “Does prayer really work?” - “If God is going to do what God is going to do, why pray?” - “What does it mean to fast and pray?” - “Is there ever a time when it’s okay to stop praying for a need?” - “How can I concentrate and focus during times of prayer, especially if my mind easily wanders?” - “What does it mean to have a ‘prayer closet’?” I strongly believe God wants to take my prayer life to the next level. I believe exactly the same for you. It’s time for us to spend more time in the WAR ROOM – our prayer closet. The foundation of all spiritual victories is prayer. The early church thrived on prayer. The persecuted church today is a praying church. The fastest growing body of the believers in the world (China) is anchored in prayer. It’s our time... ... to pray. ... to unite with one voice to the Lord. ... to engage in spiritual warfare. ... to prevail through prayer. It’s been said, “If you want to draw a crowd, have a picnic. If you want to have the core, call a prayer meeting.” That’s about to change. There’s a stirring. There’s a hunger for something more. God’s people are ready to step forward. We are ready to step up to the next level of prayer. It’s about PRAY. Desperate. Dependent. Devoted.