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    8:00, 9:30, 10:45

    Services in the Worship Center featuring light, contemporary worship music with live teaching.

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    9:15 & 10:45

    Video teaching with progressive worship music in the Gym.


Step by Step: An Arnott Family Update

The Arnott Family -1770

Step by step.

Moment by moment.

Breath by breath.

A journey with the Lord may be best described with these words. Often faith, trust, hope and obedience are cultivated in the little moments of choosing. In the midst of fear do we choose to take a step? In the midst of uncertainty do we choose to believe in the faithfulness of God? In the midst of insecurities do we choose to rely on someone infinitely bigger than ourselves? In the midst of overwhelming details do we choose to say yes to the Lord?

The Arnott family’s journey has been marked by moments just like these. Engraved on their hearts are decisions to continually trust, believe, hope and obey. Some days it seemed as if the Lord was taking his time, as if they would never pack up their home and move to Arizona. Other days it seemed as if they operated in fast forward, as if they didn’t have enough time or energy to keep up with all of the details.

After months of living step by step, the Arnott family is nearly 100% funded and is set to leave for the American Indian Field March 21.

Since announcing their decision to become full-time missionaries in Arizona, the Arnotts have seen the faithfulness of God in every aspect of their lives. They’ve seen countless people step up to support them both financially and prayerfully. They have seen God provide a buyer for their home and a temporary home in the meantime. They’ve seen Him unify their family in the midst of change and transition.

In October 2015, the Arnotts were able to visit their new home for the first time. Not only did they actually get to see their physical home, but they also were able to meet some of the missionaries they will work with. As a team, these missionaries seek to understand the needs of their community and the people they work with to better serve and help them see Jesus. When Darin, Laura and Andrew returned to Nappanee, they finally were able to envision the ministry God was laying before them.

Stepping into this ministry, the Arnotts hope to embody the attitudes and mindsets of learners. They don’t know much about the culture and traditions of those who live on the American Indian Field. Although they see obvious setbacks to ministry like alcoholism and drug addiction, there are many nuances and subtleties to a culture that make relationships more complex.

It’s hard for them to know what to expect exactly. Mostly, the Arnotts look forward to joining God in the work He is already doing. Over time, they hope to implement their own ideas and creativity, but overall, their deepest desires are to learn, serve and lay the foundation of long-lasting relationships.

Even their ten-year-old son, Andrew is excited for this new opportunity. As a kid, he has the unique opportunity to connect with many of the kids living on the reservation and surrounding communities. He’s looking forward to helping with summer camps and making friends through different summer activities. Darin and Laura are thankful for the opportunity to serve as a family, and they’re excited to see how God works through Andrew.

As a family, the Arnotts want to express a huge “thank you” to NMC. They have been so encouraged by the love and support of the Body over the past seven months. They’ve experienced generosity through financial contributions, prayer and kind words. Without all of these, they wouldn’t be positioned to leave by the end of this month. It’s this love and support they will miss most as they adjust to life in Arizona. Yet, they know as they take another step, they are not walking alone.

How can you walk alongside the Arnotts?

  • Commit to pray for them regularly. Pray for unity as a family and for a smooth transition for Andrew. Pray for flexibility and for a welcoming church to plug into.
  • Write them notes of encouragement. Take time to write encouraging words and verses. You can email them at
  • Sign up to receive their newsletter. Click here (and click the email icon next to their family picture) to subscribe. If you would like to receive their newsletter in the mail, email them at with your name and address.
  • Support them financially. They’re nearly there, but they still need your help. Click here to support them.