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Romans 5:8 — Reflections on Memory Verses

Romans5_8Our NMC kids learn verses every month in both our Sunday morning and our Wednesday evening programs.  Our verse for March really got me excited.


Well, there’s the content, for one.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8

Really no way around this one: this is a powerful verse. It is about a central point of our faith. Everything revolves around what Christ did for us.

So, to encourage our kids to memorize a verse like this is a no-brainer. It explains something Christ did for us. It describes God’s motivation for doing it: his love. It shows that God did this in spite of our sin. It teaches an important truth.

But here’s the other reason I am excited about having our kids learn this particular memory verse: this is one that I learned when I was young. And it has stuck with me over the passing years.

Now for me, I learned it through Bible quizzing. I quizzed over the books of Romans and Matthew and to this day, those are my two favorite books of the Bible. But learning those verses, even if it was in the context of the quizzing contest program, made a lasting impression on me. There are verses that, through quizzing or through children’s church services or through camp, are still with me, available in the “database” of my brain to pull on when needed.

This is why we encourage our NMC kids to learn these Bible verses. To really learn them, and not just be able to spit it out enough for whatever reward there might be (I learned my share of verses like this, too, but I couldn’t tell anyone what they were). This is why we value programs like quizzing. This is why we give them cards with the verses and post the verses online for parents to see and print the verses on the back of take home papers.

These are not just words. They are the Word of God. Inspired by him, ages ago, but done so to enrich our lives today, ages after they were written.