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NMC Worship Times & Locations

All Services Located At: 70417 SR 19 North, Nappanee, IN, 46550 (Get Directions)

  • Worship Center

    8:00, 9:30, 10:45

    Services in the Worship Center featuring light, contemporary worship music with live teaching.

  • Connection

    9:15 & 10:45

    Video teaching with progressive worship music in the Gym.


NMC SM IMPACT Summer Team Update

Our Student Ministries Summer IMPACT Team is currently serving in the Dominican Republic (June 22-July 2).  God is stirring and moving in some incredible and powerful ways.  Here is a taste of what’s happening from some students on the team…

So today was a very interesting experience. It was our afternoon ministry time and my team went to a women’s jail. My team was all women with four students and three leaders along with a lady from the church, Gueddy. She visits the jail daily. Before we went to the jail, we decided to do a listening prayer to see what God might want from us. When I was listening, I saw a vision of a woman from the jail with a short pony tail and she was in a green shirt. Others were given verses to share. We all had the opportunity to share the and give them hope in their lives. When we were finished, Kristy Mikel and I wanted to ask if anyone wanted to accept Jesus so I had Eduardo, our translator, ask them. Sure enough, the woman in the green shirt and short pony tail was the first one to raise her hand along with one other woman. After that I told them I would say a prayer to ask Jesus into their hearts and they would repeat me. It was such an amazing experience and the Holy Spirit showed up in a powerful way. We were able to leave and go get Bibles to give to the women. We each were able to write a note in the front cover and underline certain verses that we thought they would love to read. It was really amazing for all of us and I am so glad God used me today. He is so good.  -Andrea Tuttle

Today I had a total God moment in regards to listening prayer. I was listening in the morning and God gave me the word “sheep.” I didn’t think much of it at the time, but then later, I got the words “lost sheep.” After a fairly dry and discouraging day, we finally got to a house with two Christian women who actually wanted to talk. After asking about her life story, she shared that she had walked away from her faith for a while. The lost sheep message immediately popped back into my mind. I told her about it and that I believed the message was for her. I told her that I felt she was supposed to be an encouragement to another lost sheep. Then Hannah Walter asked if there were any lost sheep in her family, and she began to tell us that her son was. We wanted to meet him, and I learned later that ten year old David began to pray that God would bring Junior (her son) to us. At that moment, Junior rode by on a motorcycle and came up to the porch. We got to pray for both of them and it was an awesome Holy Spirit moment.  -Cameron Stillson

Today we had several awesome conversations doing door to door ministry, but their was one in particular that really stood out. We went to a porch area that Alfredo’s family owns and one of his relatives came by with her baby. Her name is Gisel, and she told us a little bit about her family and we had some casual conversation, but then things got a little more serious. I asked her if she went to church somewhere and she told us that she went to a Catholic church down the road. Then I asked her if I could share my testimony with her and I emphasized how amazing it is now that I have a personal relationship with Jesus. Then our translator read her Romans 10:9-10 which is all about how to accept Christ into your life. I asked her if she would like to do this and she was a little reluctant at first but then she decided it was something she wanted to do. I went through a prayer asking Christ to be her savior and the translator repeated after me and then she repeated after him. Then we got to chat with her a little more and we invited her to come to one of Quina’s churches. I am so excited that she got saved today and I am praying that God will continue to work in her life. All the glory goes to God for this; He is so so good:)  -Jama Rice

Yesterday my ministry group went and visited Francisco, a welder that Tim and the spring break group had led to Christ on their trip. His face was so full of joy when we said that we were friends of Tim’s and showed the photo of him with the spring break team. I was nervous because I didn’t know what I was going to say or what it was going to be like, but I insisted to the group that the Holy Spirit would give us something in the moment. And as always, when God calls, He provides. Somebody who was there for business and overheard us asked if we gave anything out and Lexi thought of our Revive Indiana bracelets. So as I took mine off and gave it to Francisco, the joy of the Lord coming from him was intoxicating to all of us in the room. He was so eager as we walked him through the Gospel to hear the next verse. I’ve never seen someone so hungry for the Word in my life. And I told him that when he was done with it to pass the bracelet and share the Good News with one of his friends. We talked about the Gospel for a while and then he had to go because a customer had been waiting. On the way out I asked him if he had a Bible and he said no. The whole day I just felt this tugging of the Holy Spirit to find a way to get this man a Bible. I went and talked to Samuel, my leader and translator at the time and said that I think the Holy Spirit is telling me that we need to get him a Bible so that he continue to grow even when we are gone. And today Quina was able to acquire a Bible for him. I’m looking forward to going back and giving it to him because with the amount of joy he had for just a few verses I can’t imagine the joy of having the whole Bible! I have been learning to listen to the Holy Spirit and be obedient instead of making excuses. Today was only our second full day of ministry and it is clear to me that when you are obedient to the Holy Spirit, God will always provide what you need in that situation, no matter what!:)  -Josiah Waltz

We are PUMPED about what God has been doing and we’re only half way into this trip!  At the same time, we’re already half way done with this trip!  Continue praying for students as they have been wrestling with how this all will affect life for them back home.  Pray they will wrestle with what it means to live missionally – to live on mission.  Pray the Holy Spirit would continue moving and speaking to our hearts.  And pray for steps of obedience to follow His nudging.  We can’t wait to see what’s ahead of us!