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    8:00, 9:30, 10:45

    Services in the Worship Center featuring light, contemporary worship music with live teaching.

  • Connection

    9:15 & 10:45

    Video teaching with progressive worship music in the Gym.


NMC and Feed My Starving Children

Throughout all of history, God has commanded His people to look after the poor and hungry and the least of these. But after Richard Proudfit visited Honduras in 1982 and saw poverty first hand, he realized he needed to put this command into action. This Minnesota businessman heard God say, “If you’ve seen my starving children, feed them.” After praying and partnering with other local businesses, Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) was born.

The formula we know by heart: vitamins, veggies, soy, rice, didn’t always exist. In fact, at first FMSC sent surplus snacks from Minnesota food companies. Although their motives and intentions were good, they soon realized their charity was causing more harm than good as malnourished children needed substance, not sugar. FMSC teamed up with scientists and nutritionists to invent a formula that would nourish hungry bodies in the best way possible.

NMC-1-6In 1993 they finalized the “Fortified Rice Soy Casserole,” which later became known as “MannaPack.” Finally they had something of nutritional value to send to starving kids around the world. Each MannaPack is filled with long-grain white rice, soy protein nuggets, dehydrated vegetables, vitamins, minerals and a vegetarian flavoring.

As FMSC grew and became a trusted organization, they went through many changes. The leaders at FMSC needed to find efficient ways to save money, pack meals, recruit volunteers and raise funds for their operation. After years of transition and leadership changes, FMSC found themselves with a new CEO and a new vision. In 2003, FMSC was rededicated to its mission to Christ. As the organization refocused and realigned with God’s purpose for them, they began to see God do unexpected things.

They began to reach numbers that previously seemed impossible. They saw more and more volunteers and donors come alongside them. They launched MobilePacks and multiplied their efforts outward through other organizations.

When NMC Student Ministries decided to focus on Kids in Need for the 2009-2010 school year, Pastor Derry learned of FMSC. He saw their sustainable and life-giving model, and he saw the real effects MannaPacks were having on the kids who received them. After many conversations, NMC decided to host its first MobilePack in 2011. Our goal of packing 300,000 meals seemed like a test run to see if the rest of the church would come behind this cause. In overwhelmingnumbers, the Body stepped up to feed hungry kids all around the world. Since then, NMC has packed over 6 million meals.

Our goal isn’t to pack millions of meals for the sake of achieving large numbers. A deep value of NMC-1-9NMC is partnering locally, regionally and globally. Through this partnership, we are able to be part of something that is much larger than ourselves.

The results of FMSC and other food-relief organizations are evident in the stats gathered about starvation around the world. When NMC began to partner with FMSC, 18,300 kids died every day because of starvation. At the end of 2014, it was reported that 6,800 kids die every day. Although this number fluctuates, it is still an incredible decrease in the number of children who are losing their lives each day.

Through the FMSC MobilePack, people from the church and community have a chance to come together. Although many from NMC participate, many people who may never step inside a church come to FMSC. Through this event, we are given the opportunity to show the community what a church in action looks.

FMSC Logo 2016This year we will pack 1.5 million meals between April 13-16. Although this number is lower than past years, it was an intentional decision. Just as FMSC multiplied outward as it expanded, NMC also desires to multiply this event through other organizations. This year, Transformation Ministries and New Life Fellowship will also host their own FMSC MobilePack. It’s not about focusing on how many meals we can pack. It’s about bringing others alongside the mission so they can bring even more alongside the mission. It’s multiplication in its purest form.

NMC families and individuals can sign up beginning Sunday, January 24 in the Grand Hall. Group sign-ups (schools, businesses, etc.) begin after February 8.

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