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More Than a Construction Project


Four months ago, we introduced a new project to the church. It was one of demolition and heavy lifting, one that would transform an old building into a beautiful home for many of the students at El Sembrador School (The Sower) in Honduras.

Now in February 2016, the second construction team to El Sembrador has returned home, and team three is packing their suitcases for the two-week trip. Each group is working little by little to complete this project. Before work began, this run-down building was an eye sore compared to the rest of campus and the beautiful surrounding countryside. When the project is finished, this dorm will not only be a beautiful building on El Sembrador’s campus, but it also will be a welcoming home for the students who live inside its walls.

With all of NMC’s planning, we could not have anticipated the way God was going to transform this project into something so much bigger than a dorm remodel. God has perfectly positioned men and women on these teams to use their talents and abilities to see this project to completion, and in the process, they have built lasting relationships.

Team one focused heavily on demolition. They knocked down walls and broke openings for doors and windows. They paved the way for the rest of the remodel as they tore out the old to make way for the new. The second week they poured concrete for a second story balcony and installed roof trusses.

-Check out this video of team one lifting the roof trusses

Team two’s main goal was to complete the roof. The team of 13 guys welded purlins and installed the roof sheets in less than 14 days. At the same time, they also finished the door and window frames and worked on other projects. After two teams of construction, we are ahead of schedule in the remodel process.

Although it’s wonderful to be ahead of schedule, even greater are the relationships that have been built as teams have welded roof trusses and filled concrete columns. Each team has experienced a strong sense of unity because they have carried the burden of the workload together. Even in extreme heat and sometimes heat exhaustion, they have supported one another.

This was the first mission trip for Rex Weaver. Last year, he felt the Lord leading him toward a missions trip, but his work schedule filled up too fast to commit to going. This year he jumped on the opportunity to head to El Sembrador before his schedule could dictate his decision. For him, the most impactful part of the trip had nothing to do with construction. As someone who doesn’t jump into relationships quickly, Rex was surprised by the team dynamics that made it easy to bond with the rest of the guys.

-Check out this video of team one bonding over some ice cream.-

It was these relationships as well as the relationships he formed with some of the boys at the school that made this trip memorable. Each team has been given the incredible opportunity to interact and work with many of the students from El Sembrador. Rex loved sitting down with the boys at the end of the day to play cards with them. He even enjoyed waking up early to help them make tortillas and sticking around after dinner to help them do the dishes.

The dorm remodel is extremely important, but perhaps even more important are the relational aspects of these trips. As teams three and four travel to El Sembrador, pray for opportunities for relationships to be built among the team members and the boys. Pray for unity and safety for each team. Pray for flexible and humble attitudes as they work alongside our brothers and sisters in Honduras. Pray for the leaders at El Sembrador as they continue to make decisions and lead the school with diligence. And pray for the boys who will one day move into the dorm. Pray for changed hearts and changed lives.