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NMC Worship Times & Locations

All Services Located At: 70417 SR 19 North, Nappanee, IN, 46550 (Get Directions)

  • Worship Center

    8:00, 9:30, 10:45

    Services in the Worship Center featuring light, contemporary worship music with live teaching.

  • Connection

    9:15 & 10:45

    Video teaching with progressive worship music in the Gym.


Ministry Teams at NMC: Adult Ministries

So many incredible people serve on Ministry Teams at NMC. This month, we want to share the stories of just a few of them. Thank you to all who serve so faithfully! We are so grateful for all you do.

Jerry Hunt

1505_NMC_0220Serving as a Small Church pastor takes a great deal of time, energy and thought. Sometimes they can find themselves asking, “What am I doing, and why am I doing it?” Jerry Hunt, who has served as the small church pastor for The Upper Room for many years, has asked himself these questions more than once. Yet, every once in awhile, he gets a glimpse into the work God is doing in people’s lives and is reminded of how God can use him.

For 24 years, Jerry Hunt has served on various Ministry teams at NMC, serving The Upper Room for the majority of those years. Each Sunday, he and Mike Martin lead discussion and teach on a topic, forming a tight-knit community in the process.

Serving as a Small Church pastor was never a question in Jerry’s mind. From the moment he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, he knew the Lord was calling him to teach others. After joining NMC, he began serving with Pastor Don and later took over Pastor Dave’s class as the church grew. Although his roles have looked different, Jerry’s heart and motivation has stayed the same: be obedient to the call of Christ.

Through this obedience, the Lord has allowed him to walk with people through various life events. Over the years, he has seen people be healed, jobs be provided, needs be met and tough situations be redeemed. His favorite moments have come when Scripture clicks in people’s minds for the first time, and they experience a “wow” moment. It’s in those times and others that he’s thankful for the opportunity to walk alongside others as they walk with Christ.

Clint Watts

Clint Watts serves as the Small Church pastor for Rooted, a class for young married couples who are trying to navigate life together. Sometimes this means that he teaches, but mostly, this means that he organizes meetings, plans events with his leadership team, and tries to find older, wiser people to teach the class.

Before taking on this role, Clint was reluctant. It wasn’t so much that he was reluctant about serving. He was simply reluctant about joining a Small Church. Feeling burnt out, he wanted to step back for a while; he didn’t feel that he had the time or energy to devote to a class. After the loving persistence of his wife, the two joined Rooted, and the Lord moved Clint into a leadership role.

Today, he looks back at his attitude toward Small Church and is thankful that the Lord overcame it. He enjoys serving with the leadership team, teaching on a 1505_NMC_0156Sunday morning and planning events for the class. More importantly, he and his wife have benefited from the community that has come from joining this group.

It’s this community that has led to the most meaningful moments for him. He loves watching these couples walk through different life events together. He loves
getting to coach and encourage and remind people of the truth of God’s Word. In just three years, the couples in their class have started families, gone on missions trips and prayed one another through challenging circumstances.

Sometimes Clint remembers his hesitancy and reluctance to step into this role and this community. And then he is humbled and grateful for the ways God can and will use anyone who is obedient.

Kevin Edwards

DSC_1531The wind blows snow across the road and the early morning light is just beginning to show itself. It’s the perfect day to stay inside, but one volunteer is headed out the door. Kevin Edwards, along with the rest of the Upward Sports volunteers, will spend their Saturday providing a day of fun for kids and their parents.

For Kevin and the rest of the leadership team, each Upward Saturday begins at 7:30 a.m. Their job is to make sure that everything is ready to go so all the teams can experience a smooth day of games and cheerleading. It may seem logistical, but their job is to eliminate distractions so kids and their parents can have a great Upward experience and encounter the Gospel.

It only made sense for Kevin to serve with Upward as it fits with his passion for basketball and the Gospel. As a parent of an Upward player, Kevin saw the impact this program can have on a kid’s life and was eager to be part of this team. Not only does he have the opportunity to impact kids, but he also has the chance to invest in their parents, which creates incredible opportunities for transformation.

He counts it a privilege to build relationships with the kids as well as their parents and coaches and to invest in their lives one game at a time. What he thought was going to be a large sacrifice of his weekends has transformed into a powerful way to reach people in his own community. To him, that makes every early Saturday morning worth it.

Rose Yoder

For Rose Yoder, serving the body of Christ is essential for spiritual growth. She has found when she isn’t serving others, she becomes self-focused and 1508_NMC_0898complacent. This, among other reasons, is what led her to serve in Oasis on Wednesday nights and on the worship team on Sunday mornings.

Each Wednesday, she and two other women lead worship in Oasis. In just two or three songs, they help the women focus on the Lord. For her, it’s an honor to lead people into the Lord’s presence through music.

When Rose and her husband came to NMC two years ago, they were coming out of a season of rest from service. She found herself eager to participate in ministry once again and began looking into different Ministry teams, finding her niche in her current role.

For her, there is nothing greater than watching people experience God through worship. Worship through music can create some of the most intimate times with the Holy Spirit, and she is passionate about helping people experience this intimacy.

She continually is amazed and grateful that the Lord chooses to use people in the areas He has gifted them. He creates people with talents and abilities and equips us with the Holy Spirit to build the kingdom. Rose is thankful for and humbled by the ways He chooses to use her gifts to serve the Body.

Thank you to all who serve on adult ministries teams! Whether you are a Small Church pastor or work with Coffee Break, we are grateful for you and for the ways you serve.

If you would like to get involved with an adult ministries team, click here or stop by Ministry Team Central on Sundays or Wednesdays in the Grand Hall!