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NMC Worship Times & Locations

All Services Located At: 70417 SR 19 North, Nappanee, IN, 46550 (Get Directions)

  • Worship Center

    8:00, 9:30, 10:45

    Services in the Worship Center featuring light, contemporary worship music with live teaching.

  • Connection

    9:15 & 10:45

    Video teaching with progressive worship music in the Gym.


Ministry Can’t Happen Without You

Last year, over 2,000 people served on nearly 100 different Ministry Teams around NMC. Ministry cannot, does not happen without people giving their time and talents to the various teams around this church. If it weren’t for the Tech Team, we wouldn’t have sound from the speakers or sermon slides on a Sunday. If it weren’t for Summer Camp leaders, students wouldn’t have incredible adults pouring into their lives. If it weren’t for KidMin volunteers, parents wouldn’t be able to sit in a service or in their Small Church without worrying about their children. If it weren’t for the people who serve on a Global Impact Team or the people who make drinks in Connecting Grounds or the people who decorate NMC for Christmas or the people who take pictures at services and events, ministry at NMC would look very different; it would be nonexistent.

We are immeasurably grateful for those who serve on our Ministry Teams. Ministry cannot, does not happen without you.

Last night, we gathered to celebrate those who serve at NMC. It was so fun to eat together, laugh together, and play together. It’s difficult to sum up just how much our Ministry Teams mean to us, but a few of our leaders wanted to express just how important you are to ministry here at NMC.

“Volunteers are so crucial to the ministry of Table Talk. We serve approximately 520 people in approximately an hour and 15 minutes each week, and without the volunteers, we would not be able to do that. They are so faithful, and we are truly a family.”
-Cathy Miller | Table Talk Coordinator

“If KidMin were a cake, the main ingredient (besides the kids) would be those who serve with us. They, when mixed together with other elements, create the sweet experience that we hope KidMin to be! It’s our volunteers who come in week after week and make one-on-one connections with kiddos. They create a welcoming, safe place where our children are able to see the love of Jesus being lived out though their words, actions, and presence each week. It’s a high value for me to know that each child who enters our ministry feels known and welcomed and has a sense of belonging. This is only achieved through the dedication and sacrifice of our KidMin volunteers!”
–Jen Miller | Kindergarten-3rd Grade Coordinator

“The key to a healthy and striving youth ministry can be best summed up in one word—relationships. Adolescents, teens, and young adults are in the process of owning their relationship with Christ, and that is profoundly impacted by the people surrounding them. The size and scope of our ministry makes it essential that the NMC family as a whole step up and walk alongside our students in the form of small group leaders, Sunday table leaders, Adopt-a-Grad adopters, greeters, prayer warriors, etc. Volunteers are truly the life blood of NMC Student Ministries.”
– Derry Prenkert | Next Gen Pastor

“When I think of ministry, when I think of the Church, when I think of NMC, I think of people. Period. I see their faces. I see the faces of people who joyfully, selflessly, faithfully, generously, and passionately give of their time and talents to serve, love, invest in, and lead the multiple generations of people who continually gather to follow Jesus in our ever-changing world. As we stand and serve together, with hearts bent toward our mission, God’s uses us to impact our world for the cause of Jesus Christ. ‘Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.’ (1 Cor. 15:12) Something beautiful happens when we all play our part!”
– David Cummings | Worship Pastor

Ministry cannot, does not happen without you. It doesn’t happen without the thousands of people who serve time and again. It cannot happen without those who snuggle sleepy babies, those who prepare a meal for a grieving family, those who invest in students, those who lead a Small Church, and those who serve in so many other ways.

Thank you.

Thank you for the ways you serve. Thank you for the ways you sacrifice. Thank you for the ways you see people and know people and care for people.

Ministry happens because of you.