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Worship Choir Member

The Worship Choir is a community of worshipers who desire to authentically and passionately lead the NMC family in worship.    
What are the basic responsibilities?  
• Practice music outside of rehearsals  
• Attend a yearly team training event    
Serving Times:  
• Sunday 8, 9:30, and/or 10:45 AM, weekly in the Worship Center (Serving in all services is encouraged, but not mandatory)  
• Wednesday 6:45-8 PM, weekly rehearsal  
• Mid-August through mid-December and late January through late May (throughout those sessions, the choir will sing on ten to twelve different Sundays)  
• Participate in two additional Worship Choir events (During the December Christmas worship experience and in May)    
• Have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ  
• Love singing  
• Have regularly attended NMC for at least six months
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