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    8:00, 9:30, 10:45

    Services in the Worship Center featuring light, contemporary worship music with live teaching.

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    Video teaching with progressive worship music in the Gym.


2017 Summer Baptism Celebration

Before Jesus, I was unsure about God, but Jesus made himself real to me. Now, I’m living to follow God’s Word.
Rick Hollar, 64 years old
Baptized August 20, 2017

The room was noisy. Boys and girls and men and women in white robes formed lines up and down the aisles of the Worship Center. They shuffled forward and backward, unsure if they were standing in the right place. They spotted family members and gave a quick wave and a nervous smile. Family members were quick to wave back, some offering a thumbs up.

In a moment, the room went from noisy to chaotic as these same family members walked to their brother or sister, son or daughter, husband or wife. Pockets formed around the room. Families snuck in a quick selfie or gave bear hugs. A palpable, almost tangible, feeling of joy reverberated off the walls. Family members laid hands on the one being baptized, and the entire service paused as we commissioned these followers of Jesus Christ.

One year ago, I was lost, consumed by darkness. My flesh overruled my soul. I roamed around trying to fill the emptiness in my life. I tried so many things, but I am pleased to say that the blood of Jesus has now set me free. I am free from addiction, lustful thinking, fear, anger, hatred, and feeling lost. The light Jesus has placed inside me is a fire that I feed. Every day is a blessing, and every breath is a gift to be obedient to Jesus. Prayer is not just words or a routine. It is a follower of Christ’s best weapon. I want more of Jesus and less of me. More of you, Jesus, and less of me.
Kyle Mersch, 24 years old
Baptized August 20, 2017

“Baptism at NMC is a celebration,” Pastor Dave said, “so we may do a couple of things that might make you feel awkward if you’ve never been to one of our services before. After each person is baptized, it is entirely appropriate for you to clap or cheer. You are free to celebrate in whatever way you want.”

After these instructions, the room was filled with a mixture of emotions. Having waited a whole year since the last baptism service, some were joyful, anxious to celebrate. Others were new to NMC and were experiencing NMC culture for the first time. But it didn’t take long for them to catch on. The service began and the celebration followed.

The clapping and cheering isn’t to call attention to the person being baptized. It’s so much greater than that. Behind every person, there is a story of how God has transformed his or her life. This is a God who loves so deeply that He died for each person’s sins long before he or she was born. Our celebration is a response to a big and beautiful and gracious God. And so we clap. We cheer. We hear people’s stories and join as one to worship the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Before Jesus, I was broken. Now my life is filled with His endless grace.
Emma Graverson, 14 years old
Baptized August 20, 2017

Family. It was a constant theme throughout the entire service. Brothers and sisters were baptized one after the other. A husband and wife were baptized. In one case a father, son, and daughter were baptized. Grandpfathers baptized their grandchildren. A father baptized his son and daughter. A brother baptized his brother.

Family and friends waited for their loved ones to walk out of the baptismal water. They met each person with open arms, grins spread across their faces. Some didn’t have a family member baptize them. Instead, they had a mentor, someone who had discipled them and led them closer to Jesus. Some were met outside of the baptismal water by mentors and pastors, those who felt like family even if they weren’t blood relatives.

In story after story, we saw evidence of how God is working in our homes and in our families. We heard stories of how God has worked over time, how he used prayers from a brother offered over years to draw another brother to himself. We heard stories of how God has worked in a family throughout generations, of how the faith of a great, great grandparent influenced the life of a teenager in 2017. We were reminded that we were not meant to walk through this life alone but with our family, our tribe, our people.

I accepted Jesus Christ as a teenager, but strayed. When I was 20 years old, my son was born, and I knew the importance of getting back into a church. In 2015 when “Time to Revive” was in our area, I made a new commitment to God. Some friends my husband and I made at “Time to Revive” invited us to NMC, and here I felt like I was being fed the truth—the Word of God. I have made so many friends in my Small Church and have been able to get involved with other groups here. There I am learning more about prayer and the Holy Spirit. God is very important to me, and I’m grateful to all those who have helped me in my walk with Jesus Christ.
Sue Dull, 72 years old
Baptized August 20, 2017

At NMC, baptism is not viewed as a religious rite of passage. It is not viewed as something to check off the list. Rather, it is viewed as a choice, a way for a person to follow Jesus’ example and proclaim his or her commitment to following Him. It’s an outward action of an inward change. Baptism is a chance to cheer and clap and cry tears of joy. It is a chance for the Body of Christ to worship Jesus for all He has done.

It’s a celebration.